I was on a shoot recently with one of my long time clients. I shot Amanda’s first and second pregnancies and many others in between. I did a family shoot with all four of them last week. We went down to Levi Plaza to get some fun candid shots. When we got down there Amanda pulled some bubbles out of the bag, and the fun began! Bubbles bring on the smiles. Her little girl could not get enough of them, and oddly enough, I couldn’t either. It was so fun to see her face light up each time her dad blew some bubbles. Each time was like the first. With my kids being 12 and 13, we haven’t had bubbles out in awhile. Now, I see age shouldn’t stop us from getting the bubbles out and having some fun.

Next out of the bag was the tutu. Again, big smiles. I remember when the tutu was a part of daily fashion with my daughter. Before I had children I would think how weird it was to see a child dressed up in a a full tutu, with tiara and all, at the mall on any given day. Once I had my daughter it all made perfect sense! The mom or dad had no real say when their 3 year old wanted to wear a tutu to the mall, and they realized it was not going to hurt anyone and it usually brought smiles to the people shopping. It brings us all back to when our children were little and that sense of fun and fairy tale. We all need that once in a while. Bring on the tutus!
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