When I got a text from a perspective client saying they were happy to see “real” images on my website, not stock  “Pinterest” looking family photos, I knew this was going to be a perfect shoot. I have to say that things are clicking into place every day. I love when you slow down and listen to the universe it will show you the way.

Mia reached out looking for a family photographer that would capture their love of SF and their family life here. She told me how they moved to SF in 2010 with only 4 suitcases! Their daughter was born and raised in SF and they wanted to capture this time in their lives, in an authentic way. She hesitantly asked if I was open to shooting in their favorite neighborhood places., like Salvation Army and Red’s Cafe. She was definitely talking my language! I told her how I set up my photo sessions to feel more like playdates, so this was absolutely perfect!

I showed up to their place to be greeted by their daughter Edith. She gave me a sweet hug, I was smitten. They showed me around the house. I loved seeing all of Edith’s artwork on the walls. She is quite talented! So wild to think they came here with 4 suitcases, and from that they created a home and family here, virtually from scratch. As someone who moved to another country for a year at the age of 20, I love their adventurous side! They also have two beautiful kitties, who were a little shy at first, but graced us with their presence for a bit.

family doing puzzles on floor

family photographer san francisco

Edith showed me here “rainbow garden” in the backyard. It was so fun and beautiful. Why didn’t I think of that? I am inspired to plant my own now. They put together some puzzles and then we headed out to explore! First we hit up the coffee shop. One of Mia’s favorite barista’s was working so that was a bonus. As I was photographing them I was very aware of my surrounding while shooting. Usually I shoot very tight and close up, not much background. In this shoot I knew I wanted to take in the scenery, all the little things that will bring them back to this day and this time in all of their lives.


Next we went to have breakfast at one of their favorite spots, Red’s Cafe. I found it crazy that I have lived here 30 years, have passed this place a million times and hadn’t eaten here! It was great. They played table games, hiding something from the table while the others tried to remember what was missing. Such fun! Edith had her favorite “mickey mouse” pancakes. Yummmm.

We then headed to the salvation army to see what treasures were to be found. And treasures we found! A few fun games and toys got new homes. Mia and Josh got most of their furniture here when they landed in SF and it is one of Edith’s favorite shops to frequent so shooting them exploring the store was important to me. We left there and grabbed some fruit at the market and headed home to get on clothes for the park. We stopped by an alley to see some fun murals. The whole time I tried to be in the moment with them while capturing the experience. It was such fun for me.


Everyone changed clothes to get ready for more play time.  I loved that Mia and Josh let Edith pick her own clothes. She was aloud to be herself and wasn’t told to put the toy down for the pictures. She could just be. I told them before I arrived to tell Edith a friend was coming over and she would probably be taking photos. I think sometimes too much pressure on the kids to be perfect for photos. I have always tried to focus on making it fun so kids (and the parents) don’t associate photoshoots to be horrible. By saying I am a friend and doing what they usually do on a Saturday, I was able to capture their true connection. Their true and authentic personalities. It is a win win for sure. Mia and Josh do not share Edith’s photos online. I thank them for allowing me to use these specific images  If you would like to do a “Day in The Life” style shoot, please contact me at 415-828-2403 or email at hello@kerivaca.com


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