I love when I go to a shoot and the little ones are excited about the shoot and really watch what I am doing. It adds a lot of fun to the shoot. Little Zachary is almost three and so fun! Anyone who has had a photo shoot with me knows I almost always shoot from a step stool . I like the angle and perspective it gives me. Zachary watched me shooting some photos of mom and dad. He went inside to get his “tools”. Mom and Dad start cracking up. When I looked over this is what I saw!

outdoor maternity and family photos

We all cracked up. So funny! Zachary was so great and now when I need a second shooter, he’s my guy! He took his job very seriously!

outdoor, fun family photography bay area

Zachary was such a help he got a little treat. One Peep! He savored it!

toddler and mom's belly


Jocelyn grew up in this home. I think that is so cool. I loved the vibe of the house. A great place to raise a family.

pregnant mom sitting in chair near the window


What a perfect day for a maternity shoot with the family.

Family photo with pregnant mom belly showing


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