I am officially in “Family Portrait” mode. This is a very special time of the year for me, as I get to see clients that I haven’t usually seen in at least a year. I have said it before, a yearly family portrait is such an important tradition. Life moves too fast, our kids grow up when you blink your eyes. A yearly portrait of the “whole” family, (meaning mom and dad too) is invaluable. How often do you have a family photo with both parents and the kids?

I got an email from Sabrina this summer , wanting to book her family portrait session. We have shot their family photos at their house in the past, this year we would shoot on location. It requires a little more planning, but what fun we all had!

The weather was freezing and cold. Fog makes for good photos, but it was freezing! They got out of the car and looked like a million dollars. Sabrina said they would be casual, she changed her mind! She was in some sexy black heels. What a trooper!

<div?>Sabrina told me that they had got married at Pigeon Point Lighthouse 5 years prior and that is why she chose to shoot there. How cool is that? It was great for the kids, they ran around and looked for seals, dolphins and dragons! I took pictures the whole time. Now they not only have a photo for their Christmas card but an album full of memories.

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