Twins….we see them and think, “Wow, how crazy! How do you take care of two babies at once?” My children are 16 months apart, and that felt crazy enough. But two babies needing to eat at the same time, crying at the same time, and sleeping at different times! How do parents of twins do it? Well, I have shots twins before, but this was a real treat. Naadia and Emmanuelle seemed like pros and the girls were only a few weeks old!

Naadia and Emanuelle hired me to take photos of their little girls. Naadia called and said she didn’t want another day to go by without capturing Imani and Naima’s essence. I was excited to photograph the girls, as they were born 7 weeks early and were now 3 weeks old. So tiny!

I was instantly impressed with how relaxed the parents were, right off the bat. They had a great sense of humor, which in my opinion is the key to making any hard situation, easier. They had everything down to a science. These did not seem like first time parents at all. Do twins bring out the “pro” parent in you? You can not physically attend to every little cry, there are two of them! I guess you learn which cries are the really important ones and which ones are the fakes. If babies had it their way they would have you hold them every minute of the day, that just isn’t possible, is it?

I figured the shoot would be tough because newborn shoots can be tricky, trying to keep them happy and sleepy, but two babies, that was going to be really tough…wrong. I had so much fun! The girls were little angels. They slept so much. Daddy made up some pretty funny songs to calm Imani and Naima, they made me laugh. I left signing the poo poo, pee pee song. The girls were adorable, that always helps too! Enjoy the photos….

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