“I am doing Reiki on you. I am imaging an orange aura surrounding your body.” Patty said while I was taking her picture.

That was a first, and I hope not the last, time a client bathes me in reiki while I am taking their business portraits!! I am LOVING my new offering – Day in The life Business Photo Sessions.  As solopreneurs, we ARE our brand. I believe in order to differentiate our business from others, we need to share who we are, not just what services or products our business offers. By sharing our uniqueness with others, it attracts the clients we want to work. It helps our prospective clients get a feel for who we are, what our values are, and what we stand for. To do this it requires a lot of photos. I created Day in the Life Business Photo Sessions to fill that need. My goal is to get small businesses all the images they need for their website, blog, and social media marketing for an entire quarter.

Patty needed images to  promote her business Free Flow Botanicals. Patty is a San Francisco native and moon-loving night owl. She started Free Flow Botanicals in 2017 out of a desire to help active, busy women restore their vitality and feel beautiful from inside out through holistic health coaching, customized plant medicine, Reiki, and high vibrational natural skincare products.business portrait berkeley

I had already been using her skincare line (love it!)  when she reached out to me needing images. I was so excited to work with her and see her in action! I I have been using reiki and herbs in my cancer healing journey, so I was excited to help her share these important healing modalities with others and to help her grow her business.

business portrait of women doing intake in her office

These photoshoots feel like play dates with your bestie! You be you, and I’ll be me. You go ahead and show me all the things you love about your business, the places you love to shop at, the cafes you frequent and the secret cozy nook you nap in, while I am snapping away, documenting it all! From fun headshots to custom stock photos, and everything in between, I’ve got your photography needs covered.

Patty wanted to capture her business photos at Ohlone Herbal Center where she has been going to school, seeing clients, and teaching workshops. She feels at home there. As soon as I pulled up to the campus I could see why. It was perfect! Nature all around, gorgeous old brick buildings, and a Hogwarts feel, I was in my element.

women drinking herbal tea in her office- business portrait

She showed me where she makes her herbal tinctures, sips on her delicious tea and where she relaxes and reads out near the creek. Watching Patty savor her special rose and chamomile tea was such a treat. Such a simple ritual and yet so beautiful to document.


Patty showed me her Goddess cards. I loved capturing her face light up as she showed me her favorite Goddess cards, which was pretty much all of them! “I love Aphrodite. And Lakshmi… and of course I love Kali.” This went on as she shuffled through her deck.

I am really enjoying how much people relax and can just be themselves while in their element. It is pretty hard to get genuine smiles or to get the true essence of someone while they sit in front of a boring backdrop. People always tell me how much they struggle with feeling like they look natural in photos. I get that!

I’ve been photographing people for more than 20 years. That is why I have loved photographing people in their homes, they feel comfortable there. They can be themselves. Now I am doing the same for businesses. Photographing business owners doing what they love in their business, by frequenting places that make them happy, and documenting them vs. posing them, really  helps create genuine smiles and natural looking images to promote their business.

I am here for you and your business. I will show you in your best light! Being you. I see you , now it is time to be seen by everyone else! Check out my Day in the Life Business package




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