My “Down and Dirty” business headshot package was made for Chris and Carrie! I love working with like minded people, who live on the fringe of mainstream society. Business headshots can be so very fun! No stuffy grey backdrops here!

We found ourselves in the Redwood City Public Library. Carrie, in her white doctor’s coat, was reading a book with a kitten on the front called “We Are Never Meeting in Real Life”. Chris reading a book that was upside down. We were laughing so hard that people were giving us the “this place is serious, no laughing or having fun” look. We didn’t listen. My cheeks hurt from so much laughing! These were not your typical business headshots! We even managed to get out of the library before they kicked us out!


I met Chris and Carrie when they adopted me into their Burning Man camp a few weeks before the 2016 Burn. I had got my cancer diagnosis a few months earlier and going to the Burn was a lifelong dream. They made it happen effortlessly for me and for that they will always hold a special place in my heart. I fell in love with them as a couple and as individuals.

I love that Carrie is a a Veterinary Specialist at Neurology Jurney Vet Neuro, and a very active member of Not One More Vet. Did you know veterinarians are 3.5 times more likely to die from suicide than the general population? She also happens to be a debutante from the South, who welds and cuts metal like a beast, organized and lead a BM camp of 24 people, and ran the Dopey Race at Disney. She is sassy, caring and an all around badass.

Chris has the driest and most hilarious sense of humor around. He also happens to have the COOLEST hair! He let me smudge our BM hang out space with sage and quickly regretted it. He had never been smudged! He taught and trusted me to cut metal with a grinder and a chop saw. He can solve most problems with a creative and outside the box approach. He is obsessed with Disney (btw-I think that is weirder than my hippy musings, just sayin’) all the while being a head developer of strategy at Oculus. These two welded a fire breathing alligator for Burning Man 2018, in the garage of their suburban home in Redwood city. These are my people.

We started the shoot at their house. Carrie wanted a photo of her with one of her cats, for her website, speaking engagements and various other business needs. As a vet it seemed like a great idea to have a photo of her with her cat…one would think. Carrie teased how all of her colleagues had pictures with their animals and she didn’t have one. Well, if you know Carrie, she is not mainstream and her cats are just as non conforming as she is! Every time Carrie tried to summons one of her 3 cats, they had something else in mind. So many laughs to be had. I will say we did end up with some great shots with her cats! It only took 3 adults to get a photo with a cat, but we did it!

Chris was looking for images he could use for work. He need business portraits to use for speaking engagements and work related events as well. Chris wanted more edgy feeling business portraits. No traditional backdrops for him. He’s just not that guy. He also mentioned wanting to outdo someone else’s “sarcastic looking off into space, contemplating deep shit” photo. I think Chris won!

When I asked Carrie what kind of backdrop they both wanted, it was clear a more urban vibe suited them best. After getting some pics at the house we walked towards downtown Redwood City to find some cool urban spots to shoot. I can’t really imagine Chris hugging a tree…unless there was some sarcastic angle. This is what I love about these shoots, they don’t need much planning, they are an adventure! Not knowing what to expect and being spontaneous and adventurous in the process of finding the perfect backdrops add to the charm of these special photoshoots.

As we walked, we passed a funky metal roll up door. It immediately caught my eye. I doubled back and asked them to stand in front of it. Yup, it was perfect for both of them.
We got some of my favorite images in front of that door, that we just stumbled on. There is something about letting go of planning and just letting the universe show you the way. It really will do all the hard work if you let go and let it!

We continued to walk around downtown. There were Lunar New Year celebrations happening downtown. There were a lot of people out and about despite the drizzle. The vibe was lively. We stopped by the super cool Blacksmith bar for a cocktail, remember these are not your average shoots. They had been working so hard I figured they needed a reward! They told me juicy stories of the playa while sipping their drinks. It was a perfect break. We continued on and found a few really interesting spots to take photos.

It was fun getting bonus photos of them together. They have been together since the dawn of time and one of the most solid couples I know. You know that saying, “the couple that welds together stays together” that’s them! I really loved photographing them both on the same shoot. They played so well off each other. I could see how relaxed they felt having each other there. I find that doing photoshoots with more than one person, are a really great way to have more genuine looking photos. There is something about having your family or friends there to support you, make you laugh and make it feel more like a hang out, than a stressful stuffy photoshoot. It is also more cost effective. I give discounts based on the amount of people. It is a win win!

I have to say, I don’t think I could love these two more and felt honored they trusted me to take care of their photography needs. What an adventurous, fun filled day we had! Who knew business portraits could be so fun to capture!

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