Lucia : “I don’t want to do a yoga pose. Please don’t make me do yoga poses”

Me: I’m not going to make you do yoga poses, I promise”

It was very apparent Lucia had a very good grasp of what she was and wasn’t looking for. Lucia was looking for me to create authentic professional business portraits of her to be used on her website, Lucia Grace Yoga, to help showcase her yoga therapy/healing business. A common trap we can get into is being too literal. Oh, you are a photographer so therefore you have to hold a camera or have photos of you on a photoshoot . You teach yoga so of course you should be doing a backbend in nature to promote your business. Right? Or not. Are there other ways to connect with your clients?

Finding Our Groove

Lucia said the professional portraits she was using on her website were a few years old and they didn’t feel like they represented her now. Lucia opened up about how she was stepping into a more vulnerable space. She is starting a new chapter of her life. Lucia recently moved, is in a new relationship and is growing and evolving her business. Yoga is still a very important part of her service and Lucia wanted to convey that she is also a healer as well. I wanted to show her strength and vulnerability.

My plan after talking with Lucia was to create and environment that her true spirit could shine through so she would have a lot of different photos, she could use in many ways on different platforms. I loved everything about this and couldn’t wait to collaborate. We called it our “goddess” shoot. Showing Lucia how the world sees her and how her strength and confidence radiates were some of my main intentions with this photo session.

I would create images that Lucia could use for her website, business promotion, for social media and  most importantly for Lucia to see her inner and outer strength and beauty. She is a true goddess, that is for sure! And the shoot was not only a goddess shoot it was a bit of therapy for both of us. We were both open and vulnerable. For me, this is when the magic happens!

Lucia came to my place. I like starting indoors and then head outside.  I put on some dance music while we went through the clothing options. Set the mood for play! I had some pieces for her that Damselfly Clothing loaned us to play with. She brought some of her favorite pieces too. We had a stylist friend helping us with accessories to create a few different looks.

It so fun to get back to our roots as kids. To play, dress up, to dance, to be silly. That is what we did. Lots of laughs and silliness.

We started inside and then made our way outside to my yard. We then we headed up to McLaren Park. It is one of my favorite places to shoot and it is so close to my house! The terrain has so much variety and there is not a lot of foot traffic. It is a hidden gem.

Patcha Mama Magic

We found some lush areas with wildflowers, beautiful trees and grass. We put on music and started to play. Lucia laughed and danced.  I loved what I saw and could not help but vocalize with “yaaaaaassssss”. It was almost comical as I felt like her biggest fan! I’m deep in the foliage and feeling like paparazzi! When you are in nature I also feel it brings out another side of us that can’t always be reached inside or in a studio. There is so much freedom. Lucia was in her element for sure.

Lucia has a serious side as well. That side came out and I really loved witnessing this. Such beauty in her stance. In her eyes. It was refreshing to feel her confidence radiating out. We don’t always have to smile in photos. I love a great photo with big, authentic smiles, don’t get me wrong. And I believe sometimes we can focus too much on trying to smile in every pic. I don’t think that is necessary always and when it is not organic, it can even detract from an image.

We finished up in my studio space with some very personal images. Just for her. No agenda. Just Lucia. The photographs we created are some of my favorites. It was so hard for me to narrow the photos down with so many authentic shots!

I could not wait for Lucia to see the images. I got a text once she had viewed them telling me how the timing was perfect and seeing herself in the images brought her to tears. In this world where we are bombarded with fake and unrealistic standards of beauty, it can be hard to see ourselves without judgement. I was so glad she could see herself as others do- strong, confident, vulnerable and beautiful. From the inside out.

My intention is to work with people who are diving deep to get to the new chapters in their lives. To provide images that build confidence and to represent life at the present moment. If this sounds like what you are looking for, let’s connect! Call or text 415-828-2403 or email




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