Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing baby Rosie. I photographed her as a newborn exactly a year ago to the day! How cool was that? We didn’t even plan it that way. How she has grown. She is now a year old and walking, cooing, and most of all giggling! Within the first ten minutes I said, “Ok, I’m done!” ¬†Rosie had smiles galore for me! She is one happy little girl. It was a very fun 1 year photo shoot.

This was the first photo I took!

baby crawling with brush in hand


Nikki said that all she wanted was one family photo, well this is one of many. Too cute!

family photo with baby


Rosie had so many cute outfits. We had a mini fashion show!

baby laying on floor


She cracked herself up every time she started walking.

One year old walking


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