I knew from the very first email that I was going to love working with the Reif family. In the first email Teresa told me how they moved into a new home and that it has changed their lives. She told me how it put the focus on family. Teresa told me they scheduled “down time” into their weekends and ow they loved lazing in bed together watching tv and playing games. I just love hearing this. Families need down time. I knew I was going to bond with this family!

I always send a questionnaire to my clients before the session.  This was Teresa’s response when I asked what her expectations were for the shoot:  “My hope is to create a relaxed space where I can get some photos of my children as I see them every day. As opposed to with the tense grin like in all their other posed pictures”.Music to my ears. A mom who wanted to capture the essence of her boys. I could not wait. I told them to be in their jammies when I got there. They had the day off of school and I know I wouldn’t want to have to get up early and get dressed up if I had the day off!

When I was walking up to their house, I hear a loud “Hello” from above me. I looked up and there was a boy greeting me from a top floor window of the two story house I was going towards. I knew I was in for fun!

There was definitely excitement in the air when I walked into to mom and dad’s room. All three boys were in their jammies and ready to show off their stuffed animals, or more like stuffed squid and octopus! I have to say 3 boys under the age of 8 have a lot of energy and yet, it was really fun letting them show me their favorite Lego castles, batman vans and even favorite hats and ties! Once we got outside on the jungle gym they showed me their amazing climbing skills. That is when I realized 3 boys can really scare the photographer! They were afraid of nothing!

The love in this family was obvious. This was just the best way to start my day. Having clients that understand that the photos you will look back and love are not the “fake smile, everyone looking at the camera” pics, but the ones that show the family as they really are, are exactly why I do what I do.

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