When Angie called to see if I was available to photograph her third pregnancy, the first thing I said was, “You are STILL pregnant??” She laughed and said how everyone kept asking her that. I photographed her previous two pregnancies, the last one being with the twin girls, 2 1/2 years ago. I was so excited at the chance to photograph her belly, once again.

Angie really wanted photos of her three little ones loving their little sister to be. She warned me it would be nothing short of a “shit show”. This is what I love about Angie. She is candid, like me. She says it like it is and being the parent of three little ones, she has realistic expectations of how a photo shoot with 3 little ones would really be. Even with 4 adults, sometimes I felt like we were outnumbered! The kids ran the show and we followed their lead. No one got too hurt, ok maybe just a few tears…..

Angie is adventurous and was up for anything. The kids poked, prodded, hugged, crawled over and loved on Angie, and baby to be, throughout the shoot. They all did a baby check up and listened to their little sister with the stethoscope, they read to her, and even put their handprints in paint, on Angie’s belly.  Angie went with the flow, and as you can see we had tons of fun. We even managed to get some photos of Angie and Louis on their own!

I think overall mission accomplished. Little baby “Silly Cargina” as Samson, has fondly nicknamed his sister to be, will love looking back at these photos and see how loved she was even before she arrived.

twin girls touching bare pregnant tummyIMG_0404_web_respregnant mom with three childrenthree children with mommy and bare tummytoddler checking mommy's baby bump with toy stethoscopefamily with twin girls and baby on the wayfamily with little children on front porchpregnant woman on swingwoman pregnant and wearing blue dress and colorful scarf

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