Meet Keri



Keri’s not-so-secret secrets

  • I skip right over small talk and go straight into the deep questions. Watch out, Fedex Guy!
  • I love making lists. I have lists of lists.
  • I met the Newcastle beer distributers at The Ramp and actually squealed. They bought me a Newcastle!
  • Sometimes I pretend that my music in my headphones is blasting and I can’t hear my family trying to talk to me, even though the sound isn’t turned on.
  • I think fuck is the perfect word. It can be used as every part of speech.


How Do You Know When To Take A Risk?

My story starts with my strong mom, a high school senior who graduated while pregnant with me, in spite of the protests of the school that wanted her to drop out. And it continues, through the day I moved out at 16, all on my own, 100 miles from Clear Lake, the small town where my parents lived. It continues in San Francisco where I met my husband Anthony, a guy who had serious dance moves and a very cool Vespa. It is whirlwind romance story that began at DNA dance club, and took us all the way to Sydney, Australia, a year and a half later.  At 20 years old, I proposed to my slightly tipsy then boyfriend, got married in Reno, and moved 7400 miles – all in a week’s time.

A little crazy, right?

But 25 years later, our spur of the moment, trust your gut and take a chance risk is still going strong – with our two kids, Sydney and Tristan added to the mix. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t perfect. I’ve learned endless lessons about flexibility, bravery and forgiveness from my daughter, and see myself reflected in my son, by his constant questioning of the world. I’m Keri Vaca. I’m a little raw and a lot spontaneous. When I work with your family, my goal will be to learn all about you, get your number so we can text, and ultimately become your BFF. I want to know your story.




This is what I know for sure:

If we looked at every person we met as an individual, instead of a stereotype, and with compassion instead of judgement, we could solve every problem our world has today.

But let’s start local.

HPP_picI’ve been volunteering at the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco since 2007. I’ve photographed more than 1,000 women there, and it taught me one very important thing: at the end of the day, we’re all just people, experiencing a lot of the same hopes, fears and dreams, no matter where we live, what we drive, or which degree hangs on our wall (if we have one at all).

I believe that volunteering is a gift you give to yourself and your community. There are countless opportunities to give back, from something small like connecting with the people you meet everyday, to something huge, like organizing a food drive.

CTA_starReady to Get Started?

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