When I read – “Maybe I’m too spontaneous! (Last minute request for maternity photography & infant shots)” in the email subject line, I knew I was going to like Rachel. I am the queen of last minute planning and so are a lot of my favorite clients! Time gets away from you, especially at the end of pregnancy. I get emails like this a lot, wondering if I have availability for a maternity session, like…now. I love that I generally can make it work, because I too, like to be spontaneous and love last minute sessions. I was excited that we were able to set and date and the baby didn’t come early. Rachel was 38 weeks when she contacted me for maternity photography!

I always send a questionnaire to my clients before our session so I can be prepared and get to know them a bit. I am going to see them half naked, so should know a bit about them, right? Well, Rachel told me how she loves to bake, and in fact pastry and pie’s are her forte. I said I would love to get some pics of her in the kitchen. She said she had some pie dough ready to roll! Perfect. Just thinking how her little girl will look back at these photos and see her mom doing what she LOVED to do, while she was in her tummy. Just so cool!

maternity photography of pregnant woman rolling piecrust

Ryan was a trooper and took a break from working in his workshop (he’s restoring his vintage amplifier) every time we yelled that we were ready for him to join us for some more shots. No complaining whatsoever! I was impressed. Being the subject of so many photos, is no where near as fun as soldering in the workshop. I know this for a fact. His workshop looks so much like the one in our basement. My guys never want to leave their fun basement, and definitely not to be in photos!

I love getting maternity photos of the expecting couple in front of their home. It is where they will bring their baby home to, and it is fun to look back on. As Rachel and Ryan sat on their front porch, getting ready for me to take a few shots, the UPS and postman both came to drop off packages. It was so funny, Rachel’s very round, bare pregnant belly was front and center and neither of the guys were expecting to see that on their morning route. They kind of hesitated on the sidewalk, until we said it was fine to drop off the packages. Pretty hilarious. They dropped of the packages and turned around very quickly and went on their way.

pregnant women and husband sitting on steps in front of her home with sunflare pregnant women sitting on her front porch

Rachel mentioned that her and Ryan were musicians and had played in a band together. Ryan put on some of their music to listen to while we shot. Very, very cool. It was just so great to see Rachel jump in and start signing along. It instantly made her smile. I felt nostalgic and I just met them! Then they had an impromtu jam session. Rachel sang and played the piano while Ryan played the guitar. What cool parents they are going to be.

pregnant woman playing piano during maternity photo sessionpregnant women playing the piano while husband plays the guitar during maternity photo shoot

I kept thinking how lucky I was to be at work, while witnessing such intimate moments with such an amazing couple. We chatted away and had such fun. I went home feeling like I had spent a few hours hanging with old friends. I can’t wait to head back when their little girl decides to make her appearance for her first photo shoot!



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