What a sweet baby. Maeve was just a few weeks older than a lot of the newborns I photograph, and it is just fascinating to see how much a baby learns in just a few weeks time! This is why I think we all love newborn photos so much. We know how fast they change and grow and we want to freeze this moment in time.
Maeve was so alert and very aware of all that was happening. It was really fun to see her interacting with all of us. She followed my camera with her eyes. So cool! Maeve has some pretty entertaining parents! There was lots of great singing ( I feel bad my kids had to listen to my voice!) and fun dancing, bouncing and even a great tummy massage. Maeve loved it all.

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I will say she really loved daddy’s singing and funny faces. Maeve kept her eyes on him. She would make funny faces right back.

Newborn baby girl smilling at daddy

Maeve had eyes for her mommy too. For a little different reason though!

Newborn photographer san francisco

Small Miracles Photography Newborn baby and mommy

We really wore her out. What a lovely family, so full of love for their little girl.

Newborn baby sleeping on mommy


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