I met Teryn 5 or 6 years ago, when my kids were in middle school. Teryn was running a fundraising campaign at their school. I helped Teryn stuff envelopes one day and we hit it off. She goes by T-Money to the kids at school, because she helps their schools raise money! She rocks! I just love Teryn’s big heart and how she views how special all of the little things in life are.

I have done a few family photography sessions with them through the years. I got an email a few months ago saying they needed another family session this year, and she couldn’t wait for me to meet their newest addition, Ozie (his real name is Owen, after his awesome dad). She told me that they are head over heals in love with him and how he completed their family. I couldn’t wait to meet this ginger, curly haired, 2 year old ball of love! His older sisters Zoe and Lily were so fun on our previous shoots, I knew I was in for a good time.

Going into the shoot I knew Teryn was getting a bit stressed, like a lot of mom’s, trying to plan the shoot. What would they where? Where would we shoot? What kind of theme should they have? I have been there myself and know it all too well. I  encourage my clients to not over think it. We are in a society of visual overstimulation. Everyone wants the “perfect” family photo. The pressure is crazy. Teryn and I had a great chat and it all boiled down to Teryn wanting to capture the love of their family on film. I told her, not to look at Pinterest anymore (don’t we all get sucked in?), and to relax and not think about it anymore and to leave it to me. She trusted me, and said she often has to help her clients relax and not stress and trust her, so she totally appreciated what I was saying and agreed not to worry about it anymore.

I have to say, it was such a fun family photography shoot. The cute outfits definitely added fun and flare to the photos. The best part was capturing their family, as they are today. The scraped knees (both girls play soccer and are tree climbers and all around fun), hugs, kisses and pouty moments. Tree climbing, playing soccer and running with sticks. This is real life. I love this. There are plenty of cute photos of everyone smiling at the camera for their holiday card, but these are a sampling of my favorites.   two little girls in frilly skirts with skinned knees family photographygirl running in fall leaves in frilly dress and cowboy boots IMG_1086_web_resfamily photography of mom holding boy up in fall loacationfamily photography of a family racing across grass with pouty girl    two sister jumping on the bed with little brothersister and brother snuggling on bed


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